TNP Partners - Spain, Sweden, Czech Rep.

The Transnational partners consist of 3 national partnership:

SPAIN: Consilia-Lo; SWEDEN: Working life forum of Värmland; CZECH Rep.: MOPPS DP

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The project “Concilia-lo: experiencias de conciliación en lo local” contemplates the issue of work-life balance from a global perspective, that is, considering it not ‘a problem of working women lacking time to care of their homes and families’ but a problem of a social nature, which must be dealt with in an integrated way taking into account its multidimensional character.

The project proposes a comprehensive approach of the issue with actions implemented in the whole of andalusian territory. The configuration of the Development Partnership allows to work directly with the Local Administration structures, as well as develop studies and research works at a regional level and tackle great actions linked to those agents who have a protagonist role in employment matters. The involvement of all these organisations tries to guarantee the benefit of the general population.Two types of actions will be developed, according to the implementation strategy adopted: on the one hand, there will be cross actions, which act as a structural support for the rest, and which will be present throughout the project; and on the other hand, there will be isolated actions, which will be in the form of concrete activities linked to determinate sectors, groups of people and territories.

At the national level, the actions are grouped into three main lines: Activities designed to raise the awareness of the need for a social and individual joint responsibility in the matter of conciliation, in order to reduce gender unbalances and encourage equality of opportunities between men and women: dissemination and social marketing campaigns, public seminars and conferences, creation of a web site and recopilation and sistematization of experiences and good practices.

Specific training on the matter equal opportunities: on one hand, training actions addressed to those institutions working in relation to the labour market as well as andalusian local corporations, which provide services to the citizens; on the other hand, training actions aimed at women at risk of exclusion from the labour market due to work-life balance problems, as well as inmigrant and rural women. Boost to experimental projects to be developed in the territories, innovating models and services in a practical way to reduce gender discriminations: research works related to work-life balance and use of time, all round experiences about changes in the use of time, new technologies applied to work-life balance, citizen participation, resources, spaces and time reorganisation, and elimination of gender stereotypes.

Working life forum of Värmland

The Development Partnership (DP) Värmlands Arbetslivsforum ("Working life forum of Värmland") aims to improve the opportunities to combine gainful employment and family life. A number of studies and projects in Värmland have identified the difficulties to reach a work-life balance as a limit upon the individual's health and development, as well as a major obstacle for labour market growth.

Similar experiences have been made by a number of professional groups whom are active within the DP's organisations. This is the context from which the DP Värmlands Arbetslivsforum departs. The DP consists of a number of actors within the region of Värmland, and together they are now mustering strength in order to improve the opportunities for employees and job-seekers to reach a work-life balance.


The partnership consists of a number of public authorities, all of whom are facing the task at hand from their individual perspectives:

The Regional Administration of Värmland has the main responsibility for the regional development and the development of gender equality.

The County Council of Värmland employs many people within the care sector, and is facing high sick leave rates.

The County Labour Board of Värmland has recognised how traditional values easily are reproduced Karlstad University contributes to the competence development as for the work area "maintenance and care in progress". The social insurance office of Värmland is to improve the health and actively work against sick leave. The family guidance of the Swedish Church continually meets people who struggle to combine work and family life. N2B3 (The Organisation for Parental Education - "When 2 become 3") supports families with children.

Värmlandskooperativen (Cooperative Development Agency of the Region of Värmland) are active within the social economy and enterprise counselling.

IUC I Värmland AB (Industrial Development Centre) counts 400 small and large (very male dominated) manufacturing companies as members LO Värmland (Trade Union) works actively for everybody.s right to a full-time employment.

The DP's activities are based upon the notion that knowledge and insights are crucial for development and change. The aim is to develop the people and organisations of the labour market so as to support people.s opportunities to combine gainful employment and family life. An additional work premise is that structural conditions are obstructing the development of new modes of acting

in different situations. The activities, thence, are primarily aiming to increase the knowledge about structural conditions in terms of gender, class/life patterns and ethnical differences. This is connected with the fact that attitudes toward work and family/spare time, and the relation in between, are distinctively marked by gender, class and, as we believe, by ethnical belonging as well.

The main target group for the activities is employees at a "guidance level" (e.g. labour office officials, counsellors, personal secretaries, rehabilitation investigators, etc.) The disposition of the planned activities aims to bring the secondary target groups (employees, job-seekers, parents, people who receive employment benefit, other participants, etc.) a less discriminating, more equal guidance.


A Model Programme for Balancing Professional and Family Life - Vysočina Region


Project MOPPS DP (CZ-67) is implemented under the Community Initiative Programme EQUAL (CIP EQUAL), which is one of the instruments for reaching the goals of the European Strategy for Employment. MOPPS DP is a follow-up to the project “Conditions for Balancing Professional and Family Life - Partnership in Family,” which began the Czech Women’s Union‘ and their partners' participation in CIP EQUAL back in 2002.


In practice, the programme will research the opportunities for creating conditions for the family and work conciliation. It results from methods which were processed in the previous programme, and these include studies and situational observation. The goals take into account the programme’s developments in the Vysočina Region and the Community Plan of Social Services in the city of Havlíčkův Brod for the period of 2005 - 2007. Verification will run until 2008. The global objective of the project is to develop and implement a Model Programme for Balancing Professional and Family Life for the citizens in the Vysočina Region.

All the partner organizations work together closely on both the preparation and the implementation of activities, which contribute to the fulfillment of the global goal (i.e. the model programme) via four thematic groups: (1) Ideas and Values, (2) Services, (3) Work, and (4) Knowledge:

  • Change stereotypical attitudes toward separation of male and female roles in the family;
  • Create and implement new services, or improve existing ones, following the needs of the actual target groups;
  • Establish new work conditions and processes for making full use of information and communication technologies in close cooperation with employers, government, and the other relevant authorities;
  • Eliminate barriers in the continuous (life-long) education and the employment of persons with limited opportunities; improve forms of and access to consulting services, and support the development of the educational system.

Target Groups

The main target groups are families with variety of care obligations (children and other dependent persons); individuals with limited access to further education, self-education, and job opportunities, primarily rural women in regions with poor transportation and/or high unemployment rates; disadvantaged women returning to work after a long career break; other disadvantaged groups of women, such as women over 50 years of age, women with low qualifications, and men in similar life situations; as well as service promoters and providers, employers, government and other relevant authorities, the media.


The MOPPS DP consists of the following organizations:

Czech Women's Union: Women's Association - NGO. Lead partner.

Czech Helsinki Committee: Human rights NGO, member of the International Helsinki Federation.

DEMA a.s.: Research institution.

VUSTE ENVIS spol. s r.o: Consultancy and training agency.

National Center for the Family: NGO focused on monitoring and supporting pro-family policies.

RENTEL a.s.: Agency focused on e-learning, distance education, systems development.

Agentura TIS spol s.r.o: Consultancy and training agency.

Aperio - Association for Healthy Parenting: NGO working towards improving the situation of families in the society.

KD Software: Portal systems developer and internet solutions provider.

ADV spol s.r.o: Consultancy in quality management.

Expertis Praha spol. s.r.o.: Consultancy and training agency specialized in human resources management / development.

Municiaplity of Havlíčkův Brod: Town Council.