Project Activities: Support Activities

Web site

A web site for the dissemination of the project results and outputs and its activities will be developed. This web site will also lodge contents related to work/family balance. The Czech DP assumes the coordination of this activity. For internal management purposes, the Czech DP shall also provide a web-based platform to be used for the partners communication.



The aim of the Transnational Secretary is coordinating the activities of the transnational cooperation carried out in each region, as well as coordinating, organising and leading the making decisions processes that affect the transnational activities. The Spanish DP assumes the coordination of the Transnational Secretary in a permanent way during the whole project.

The Steering Committee will meet every six months approximately (a total of six meetings throughout the project). It is possible to hold other extra meetings if needed by the development of the project. These extra meetings will be called by the Transnational Secretary. Steering Committee: Prague 26.-27. Sept. 2005

2nd Steering Commitee: Sevilla, 20. Feb. 2006

3rd Steering Committee: Kalstad, 22. May 2006

4th Steering Committee, Prague, 25. Oct. 2006

5th Steering Committee: Malaga, 15. May 2007

6th Steering Commitee: Karlstad, 26. Sept. 2007