Project Activities: Studies

The aim of this activity is to carry out a process of identification and analysis of innovating experiences in the field of work/family balance, which have been implemented in the three regions.The analysis of these innovating experiences will lead to the formulation of models of action to be transferred to different contexts of application. These innovating experiences will be related to any of the study areas established below.

Three areas of study are established, which will be coordinated by the three partners (each partner will coordinate one area). The Czech DP: "Services for the family"; the Swedish DP proposes "Models of empowerment" as the second area, the term “empowerment” refering to the process of training people to be aware of their own circunstances and make use of the structures and devices that can help them to improve their lives;  the Spanish DP proposes a third area under the title of "Citizens' participation in favour of work/family balance", that is, how these mechanisms are articulated and how they affect work/family balance policies.

The coordination of this activity is assumed by the Spanish DP.


Transnational study to download in PDF file.