CIVex - Moldava: Introduction (English)

Improving the collaborative and project management capacity of gender focused civil society organizations in and between Moldova and the Transnistria.

Project partners: International Centre for Democratic Transition (Hungary, lead partner); Czech Women's Union (Czech Republic), Fundacja Kobieca (Poland), Asociatia obsteasca "lnteractiune" (Moldova).

Project duration: March 1 2013 - April 30, 2014.


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Brief project description:



Civex Moldova improves the collaborative and project management capacity of gender focused civil society organizations in and between Moldova and the Transnistria region by sharing best practices and lessons learned from other V4 NGOs. The project will enhance the capacity of local NGOs to serve their community and collaborate with regional partners.


Recognizing the social aspects of the frozen conflict between Moldova proper and Transnistria and its negative effect on marginalized groups, especially on women, and taking the relevant EU principles and the V4 experience into account, CIvex Moldova was designed to develop the capacity of CSOs in gender mainstreaming, gender equality, children’s rights, and fighting against human trafficking.

Project Description

The first program component tackles the mobilization the target communities for community-led and gender responsive development by providing training in needs assessment, project development, and effective communication.  The second component focuses of knowledge development human rights, gender mainstreaming, gender responsive strategies, and related regional policies of the EU. The third aims at skill development, such as negotiation techniques and partnership management with civil and public stakeholders in the EU, presentation skills, and IT based collaboration. The special feature of the project is the application of an online learning management system (LMS) that enables the participants to visit webinars and interact with people from various geographical locations, including the V4 countries and other EU member states.

The project commences with the needs assessment of the target audience and the recruitment of the participants. It will be followed by an on-site kick-off session that prepares the way for organizing webinars and starts the delivery of the training activities. There will be 8 webinars, each focusing on a specific issue listed above. They will be supplemented by a study tour, site visits, and meetings with local experts and other stakeholders in the V4 region. The skill development trainings will be delivered in face-to-face meetings before and after the study tour.

The target group of the initiative consists of national and community-based NGOs in the Moldovan and Transnistrian region. A particular preference of NGO participants will be those with an empowering or service orientation which work in the field of female empowerment, children’s rights and fighting against human trafficking. Special attention will be laid on the selection of organizations that have the potential to form partnerships with each other and will continue regional collaboration.



This project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund. For further information, please visit the IVF's website: