Balancing Life in Europe - Intro

EQUAL Transnational Partnership - Balancing Life in Europe

The transnational project makes an integral part of 3 national prijects submitted by national partnerships in the Czech Republic, Sweden and Spain under the Community Initiative Programme EQUAL (round 2).


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This transnational project delimits partners belonging to three different geographical areas:


1. Southern Europe (Spain - Andalucia), which is taking the first steps in the establishment of a social system which takes into consideration the situation of people (especially women) with problems to access the job market in equal conditions


2. Scandinavia (Sweden - Värmlands), with a long path of political and social involvement in this matter, translated into the public funding of resources for work/life balance, as well as a wide regulatory framework on the subject


3. Central Europe (Czech Republic - Vysočina Region) - which contributes different realities and new ways of working in this matter, related to the settled participation of women in employment and production fields.


The TNP has thus establish a working partnership of varied institutions (NGOs, municipalities, academic and research institutions, employers, associations …) with the common aim to:


– exchange and share experiences and best practice
– analyse and challenge current practices
– promote learning and innovation
– raise the awareness of the decision makers about the issue of work/life balance.
– empower people to improve their own lives.

The benefits will be for both women and men alike through finding innovative and flexible forms of employment, support and counselling. We are working together with municipalities, local agents, employers, policy makers and public opinion makers to create a better living and working situation for all those experiencing disadvantage in order to promote diversity.

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