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Czech Women’s Union (CWU)

CWU is a women’s non-governmental, non-profit association with large membership covering the whole of the Czech Republic (over 10.000 members in 400 grassroots units - as of 2018). CWU associates women from all walks of life, regardless of their nationality, age, beliefs, political views, social standing, profession or interests. CWU members work on a voluntary basis.


The main program /mission of the ČSŽ is to pursue equal opportunities for women and men; to pursue women’s interests in the society and increase their civic participation and capacities; to assist women in personal development in the form of training, social/legal counselling and assistance; to provide platform for cultural, social and other activities that are of interest to women as well as local communities.


 NOTE: Statutory / legal information are as of January 1, 2014 published in Public Register of Associations (Ministry of Justice). Full extract from the register can be viewed here (in Czech), Statutes and other documents can be downloaded here (in Czech). 

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CWU publishes a Newsletter, a series titled „In the Assistance to Women“ and conference proceedings; we are currently re-developing our  web-site that shall be more oriented on the information sharing and publishing.


CWU members in the regions organize variety of community oriented activities and actions focused on women, children, senior persons, persons in need; seminars and debates, excursions, balls and festivities; they also pursue to maintain cultural and folk traditions. Between 2005 - 2012 and on regional level the CWU ran several counselling and training centres for women (focusing primarily on the unemployed and disadvantaged groups of women).


Activities (especial on local / regional level) are carried out with co-financing of e.g. Žena Foundation, municipal grants and grants provided by private foundations, larger project-based activities are primarily carried out with the support of the European funds (European Social Fund, Grundtvig, cross-border cooperation). Sample international projects.


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