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Overview: Series of projects 2009 - 2020

Projects implemented between 2017 - 2020 (ESF multi-year projects)

  • CÍL pro Vysočinu / Target for Vysocina Region: a partnership project focusing on social inclusion activities for (i.a.) informal care providers.
  • Zapojte se! / Get Involved: training, mentoring for women to help them get involved in NGOs and communal politics, a partnership project implemented in 3 regions.


Projects implemented between 2013 - 2017

  • Series of projects focused on gender based vilence awareness activities and the Istanbul Convention (see. - in Czech). Funding: EEA Grants, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Office of the Government CR
  • CIVEX - Moldava - International project focused on women rights groups in Moldova (Visegrad Fund) 
  • ESF funded project focused on WLB and support for families in South Bohemian Region (2 year project)


Projects implemented between 2009 - 2012

  • Series of ESF funded projecrts focused on increasing employability of women (Central Bohemia Region; 2 year projects)
  • International project Impulse 50+ (Grundtvig)


Equal Opportunities For Women and Men: Awareness-raising Activities across the Regions of CR

Czech Women's Union was awarded a grant under the 1st call of the Czech NGO Fund (Priority I, Ib. Gender equality) for a project titled Rovné příležitosti žen a mužů: osvětové aktivity zacílené do regionů ČR (Equal Opportunities For Women and Men: Awareness-raising Activities across the Regions of the Czech Rep), reg. number 3620005


The project will be implemented between August 2014 and April 2016. Summary of the project is provided below, detailed /on-going information as well as project activities, outputs / results will be provided in ä dedicated section here (in Czech language).


Project summary:

CIVex - Moldava: Introduction

Improving the collaborative and project management capacity of gender focused civil society organizations in and between Moldova and the Transnistria.

Project partners: International Centre for Democratic Transition (Hungary, lead partner); Czech Women's Union (Czech Republic), Fundacja Kobieca (Poland), Asociatia obsteasca "lnteractiune" (Moldova).

Project duration: March 1 2013 - April 30, 2014.


Project websites: facebook   / Web:


Brief project description:


Projects - overview

  For full list of projects in Czech language covering the period between 2001 - 2013 - go to section Projekty.


Sample of past international projects described in English (2005 - 2011):


Grundtvig: Impulse 50+ (2009 - 2011, CWU - Regional branch JMK / South Moravia as a partner): All the outputs, materials, reports in several languages can be found here.


CIP Equal 2nd round:  MOPPS / Blancing Life in Europe (2005 - 2008, CWU as the lead applicant)


CIP Equal 1st round: Conditions for reconciliation of working and family lives - partnerships in families (2002 - 2005, CWU as the lead applicant). Project description in Czech. Close the Gap (Scotland), Gender Developers (Sweden).


T.I.R.: Two Images in Re-construction: paternity and maternity (2005, CWU as a partner).