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T.I.R.: Two Images in Re-construction: paternity and maternity.

2005 -  T.I.R.: Two Images in Re-construction: paternity and maternity. Overcoming Gender Stereotypes and Promoting Gender Equality.

International project implemented under the Open call for proposals VP/2003/031: "Promoting change in gender roles and overcoming gender stereotypes".


Main project aims : 

  • To analyse predominant gender stereotypes starting from the family itself; 
  • to act on men through the analysis of the perception they have about their own paternity and man role;
  • to bring out the stereotypes on paternity/maternity, analysing to what extent they are shared by the fathers themselves and how they are diffused in society;
  • to promote a more conscious, intense and responsible paternity in order to obtain an effective equality between women and men; 5) to point out new priorities on father/men issues because, starting from men’s changes, a new image of women could emerge highlighting their contribution to society.