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EQUAL Transnational Partnership - Balancing Life in Europe

The transnational project makes an integral part of 3 national prijects submitted by national partnerships in the Czech Republic, Sweden and Spain under the Community Initiative Programme EQUAL (round 2).


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TNP Partners - Spain, Sweden, Czech Rep.

The Transnational partners consist of 3 national partnership:

SPAIN: Consilia-Lo; SWEDEN: Working life forum of Värmland; CZECH Rep.: MOPPS DP

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Project Activities: Studies

The aim of this activity is to carry out a process of identification and analysis of innovating experiences in the field of work/family balance, which have been implemented in the three regions.The analysis of these innovating experiences will lead to the formulation of models of action to be transferred to different contexts of application. These innovating experiences will be related to any of the study areas established below.

Project Activities: Thematic Seminars

This activity is understood as a number of monothematic seminars in which all the members of the national DPs take part in an active way. The themes of these seminars must include common interests topics, previously agreed by the three partners. It is advisable that these seminars keep related to the study areas fixed for the "Studies" activity, in the sense that they can be used as a platform for the debate about theses issues. The contents of these seminars fulfill the expectations of the partners that make up the transnational partnership.

Finally, these seminars shall be open to the general public. The profile of the participants will be decided by the organizing DP.

The responsibility for the coordination of this activity is assumed by the Czech DP.

Project Activities: Study Trips

Three study trips will be carried out, one per country. Each partner organises a study trip in their country in which the rest of partners takes part. The topics of the visits should fulfill the partners' expectations, interests and objectives and will be agreed on by the three DPs.

These trips will be developed at a regional level and they will have a duration of two complete days approximately (although the duration can be slightly modified if needed). Finally, one study trip can include more than one working programme, with different topics, institutions involved and beneficiaries.

The responsibility for the coordination of this activity is assumed by the Swedish DP, though each partner will be responsible for the visit organised in their respective country.

Project Activities: Support Activities

Web site

A web site for the dissemination of the project results and outputs and its activities will be developed. This web site will also lodge contents related to work/family balance. The Czech DP assumes the coordination of this activity. For internal management purposes, the Czech DP shall also provide a web-based platform to be used for the partners communication.



The aim of the Transnational Secretary is coordinating the activities of the transnational cooperation carried out in each region, as well as coordinating, organising and leading the making decisions processes that affect the transnational activities. The Spanish DP assumes the coordination of the Transnational Secretary in a permanent way during the whole project.

Project Activities: Evaluation

This activity is understood as a process of control and monitoring of the project and its activities. The evaluation will be carried out by experts hired to this end, who will be supported – in terms of contribution of data as well as assessment – by the evaluation agents of the respective national projects.

The Swedish DP assumes the coordination of this activity and undertakes to inform the rest of partners about the working programme and methodology of evaluation.


Materials to download (PDF):

Project Activities: Concluding Conference

From Lived Experience towards the Model of Work Life Balance

Prague March 07-08, 2008. For the conference programme and key presentations click the title.


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