Rubrika Projects


For list of sample projects in Czech (covering period between 2001 - 2013) - go to section Projekty.


Sample international projects described in English (2005 - 2011):

Grundtvig: Impulse 50+ (2009 - 2011, CWU - Regional branch JMK / South Moravia as a partner): All the outputs, materials, reports in several languages can be found here.


CIP Equal 2nd round:  MOPPS / Blancing Life in Europe (2005 - 2008, CWU as the lead applicant)


CIP Equal 1st round: Conditions for reconciliation of working and family lives - partnerships in families (2002 - 2005, CWU as the lead applicant). Project description in Czech. Close the Gap (Scotland), Gender Developers (Sweden).


T.I.R.: Two Images in Re-construction: paternity and maternity (2005, CWU as a partner).